CPD Forensic is an independent provider of forensic accounting and investigation services.  

With over 15 years' forensic accounting experience, you can be assured we have the right expertise.  

If your business is facing a financial dispute, or has suffered a fraud, we can help resolve your matter quickly and efficiently.    

Our independence means we can offer fast and discreet investigations free of any conflicts of interest.

We also have to flexibility to offer fixed rates for all our matters.  Contact us now for an obligation free quote.   

Our Services


Fraud, employee misconduct, whistleblower investigations and asset tracing.

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Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting analysis, reconstruction of accounting records, and damage quantification.

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Fraud Awareness Training

Fraud, misconduct and corruption awareness training courses tailored to your business and industry.

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Data Analytics

Payroll analysis, detection of suspicious activity and duplicate invoicing.

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